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Tree Pruning Services

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A-1 Tree and Landscaping Services specializes in tree trimming and pruning services. Our experienced tree trimmers can provide you with all of your tree maintenance needs. We have been in business for 25 years and have built a great reputation for expert service with an exceptional customer satisfaction record. Our team of skilled arborists will ensure your trees are properly trimmed and pruned in a professional and timely manner. Contact one of our experts today to schedule an estimate.

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Types of Tree Trimming & Pruning:
  • Crown Thinning — Removes weak branches at the top and allows better air and light flow through the tree.
  • Dead Pruning — This is meant to clean all the dead, rotting, or diseased branches to avoid an accident.
  • Crown Lifting — Meant to clean the lower, larger branches often used to clear sidewalks or roads.
  • Crown Reduction — Often done to shorten the tree and clean the larger branches which can promote the tree to keep growing.
  • Pollarding — This technique consists of removing all branches in order to get more branches of smaller sizes to populate the tree’s mainframe.

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Pruning trees will make your property safer.

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All trees require routine trimming and pruning, regardless of their age or species. More than any other maintenance chore, removing unnecessary or damaged limbs and branches helps to maintain the stability and health of your trees. Regular tree pruning serves more purposes than simply preserving your tree’s aesthetic quality. In addition to ensuring that disease transmission is curbed, it minimizes water consumption. The only people who should attempt it are qualified professionals because it is one of the riskier jobs for house and company owners. Ask us about our services and how we can assist you by getting in touch with us right away!

At A-1 Tree and Landscape Services, we understand that routine tree pruning not only improves the appearance of your property but also helps to protect the health of your trees. Contact us today for more information about our services or for an estimate on our tree pruning services in Ashland and the MetroWest Area.