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A stump will never be much more than a nuisance and aesthetic risk to property owners, serving as an unattractive tribute to the majestic tree that once stood in its stead. At A1 Tree and Landscaping Service, we offer thorough stump grinding services in Ashland, MA and the surrounding communities. We think that tree stumps are more than just an ugly mess; they also pose a hidden danger, endangering lawn care tools, restricting use of your yard, and serve as a rotting home for termites and other infestations.

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In contrast to other landscape inconveniences, getting rid of a stump is simpler than you may imagine. The removal of a stump from your yard aids in re-leveling the soil and removes the annoyance-inducing obstruction that prevents you from designing and using your yard as you see fit. Our experts quickly and effectively remove woody tree stumps, together with any subsurface growth and other signs of their presence, using permitted industrial equipment.

A1 Tree and Landscape is a professional stump grinding service provider for over 25 years of experience. We offer free estimates for all services we provide including stump removal. Call us today!