Tree Removal


As landscaping and tree care experts, A-1 Tree and Landscaping Services makes every effort possible to save older trees. Being fundamental to the beauty of almost any landscape, either residential or commercial, mature trees provide unparalleled natural character that other plants just fall short in providing. Unfortunately, there comes a time where trees must be removed. Whether simply standing in the way of progress, or presenting a health and safety hazard, some trees must, unfortunately, be marked for removal, requiring the services of professionals in order to be done correctly.

Using only those methods that have been proven to be the safest possible, our team has been hand-picked and specifically trained in tree removal, ensuring that each tree-felling project is completed with the highest level of unquestionable safety. Understanding the risk that any tree presents, we’ve created a systematic approach to tree removal that is intended to protect our crew, your family, and the surrounding property during each and every step of the process.

We are licensed and insured so our crew can offer home and business owners the confidence that only comes from knowing that our professionalism and experience exceeds our competition and that our safety record is unblemished.

Don’t settle for anything less than absolute excellence in tree removal. The safety and health of your family and business depend on experience and unsurpassed knowledge. Find out more by contacting our customer care team and scheduling your tree removal project now.


Tree Removal

We make every effort possible to save older trees, although there are times when complete removal is necessary for the safety and accessibility of the homeowner and their property. A1 Tree Service provides the right solution for tree removal.

Stump Grinding

Using the industry’s most innovative equipment alongside proven safety measures, the A-1 Tree and Landscape team can quickly, efficiently, and affordably remove those tree stumps that no longer serve a purpose. Get rid of that safety hazard by calling us now.

Tree Pruning

A1 Tree Service uses methods that foster proper growth while refusing to compromise the health and beauty of your trees with ineffective and dangerous trimming techniques. Our skilled team protects your trees, your property and your family throughout the seasons.

Lot Clearing

Enjoy more of your property by clearing the space of unwanted debris, unhealthy trees, and ugly overgrowth. With A-1’s lot clearing services, you’ll be able to expand upon the functionality of your property, creating more land to build upon or prepare it for sale.