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Every tree, regardless of its age or species, needs routine trimming and pruning. Removing extraneous or broken limbs and branches do more to protect the health and stability of your trees than any other maintenance task. For A-1 Tree and Landscaping Services, routine tree trimming does more than just keep your tree looking its best. It keeps water usage to a minimum while ensuring that the spread of disease is reduced. However, it is one of the more dangerous tasks for home and business owners, and should only be attempted by trained professionals. Contact us today and ask about our services and how we can help you!

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Types of Tree Trimming & Pruning:

  • Crown Thinning — Removes weak branches at the top and allows better air and light flow through the tree.

  • Dead Pruning — This is meant to clean all the dead, rotting, or diseased branches to avoid an accident.

  • Crown Lifting — Meant to clean the lower, larger branches often used to clear sidewalks or roads.

  • Crown Reduction — Often done to shorten the tree and clean the larger branches which can promote the tree to keep growing.

  • Pollarding — This technique consists of removing all branches in order to get more branches of smaller sizes to populate the tree’s mainframe.

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Better Looks

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Improves Tree Health

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Helps Detect Diseases in Advance

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Helps With Sunlight Absorption and Airflow

Tree Services Done Right!

At A1 Tree Services, we take every safety precaution possible — each project we contract is handled with extreme care and diligence. As experts with more than 25 years of experience and a stellar safety record, we are the tree service specialists that local residents and business owners have come to rely on for the best tree service in the area.

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We Offer Emergency Services!

If your property was recently hit by a storm or one of your trees is on the verge of going down, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We will send our specialists that will assist you to get rid of the danger and make sure that there are no other problems with your trees to avoid future accidents.

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With more than 20 years of experience in the tree service industry, A1 Tree Service brings the ultimate solution to all your tree problems and needs. We use industry-approved techniques and equipment and our tree-trimming service team has been specifically trained to safely trim trees correctly, protecting the health and safety of our customers and their property. It is our highest goal to ensure that your trees are properly trimmed and pruned back, keeping their long-term health, stability, and beauty as our top priorities.

At A-1 Tree and Landscape Services, we believe that a safe, healthy tree is a beautiful tree, and we do our best to protect the long, beautiful life of all of your trees.

Discover the difference that an unmitigated commitment makes by calling for your free project quote today. We promise stellar service with a smile.

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